Coffee is one of our favorite drinks, and for me: “Bring me some coffee before I ask you and I will love you forever! ”. But are there any consequences on health? Does caffeine damage the cardiovascular system?

Does coffee hurt?
Regarding this topic, we have always said of all colors, but often they are rumors unfounded, one thing is certain: coffee is an accelerator of intestinal peristalsis. In addition, coffee is also a very potent excitement, it could create serious difficulties in getting to sleep, but does it have any effect on the heart?

Scientists say that coffee is the main reason for heart problems, although so far it has not been confirmed that there is any link between cardiovascular disease and coffee. Not taking more coffee for fear of cardiovascular disease would be as useless, but for people who are at risk of cardiovascular disease, this drink should be taken with limitation.

Here are the studies

According to numerous studies regarding coffee, the physician Martin G. Myers of the University of Toronto found no connection between coffee consumption and cardiovascular disease.

According to a study carried out in the Netherlands, which among other things was published on Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology, confirmed that coffee could instead bring great benefits for the heart. 37,154 volunteers participated in the study.

Another study that lasted 10 years, conducted by the doctor Klatsky, and which involved one hundred thousand people, showed that consuming 4 or more coffees a day is a real danger to health and that there is a greater risk to have a cardiac arrest. As a result, based on the outcome of the study, it is recommended to all people with heart problems to reduce their consumption of coffee.

Does coffee without caffeine damage the heart?

But when it comes to consuming decaffeinated coffee, are there risks to our hearts? Well still to be seen, because caffeine would certainly not be the cause of cardiovascular problems, some say that caffeine has a protective role for the heart.

According to some studies, caffeine is able to activate fibrinolysis, and according to a study carried out in Harvard in 1990 where 45,000 men participated, it was shown that caffeine-free coffee has some link with

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