What Does 2016 Have In Store For SEO?

Trying to stay up with the world of SEO is a never-ending yet rewarding battle. SEO is about future dividends via organic traffic, and the new year always brings about new changes. What is the SEO forecast for 2016?


The Move To Mobile Continues

Going mobile’ for SEO is going to be the first topic discussed. Of course an entire book could be written on the subject, and going mobile has been a trend for years. What do you need to know for 2016? For starters, mobile searches are taking over for the first time, with more mobile searches being performed on mobile devices than laptops and desktops, finally!

This means that businesses not only need to have sites that are mobile friendly, which has been suggested for quite some time, but they must be looking to cater to mobile users first. Wow! Yes, take a look at the numbers, and it makes one wonder which companies and websites are going to take the plunge and show what putting mobile visitors first means.

With mobile searching taking over, what else can you see needs to be addressed for 2016? When people search on laptops, most of the searches are going to be text based. Of course when it comes to searching on mobile devices, so many people these days are searching by voice. This can change the way businesses think about keywords and how different phrases are searched. That being said, companies must absolutely pay attention to how this changes the future of SEO.

Best Answers For Consumers

Direct answer searches are becoming more and more popular, especially when it comes to searching on a mobile platform. This can be bad for businesses, and you should hear what Google has to say about it. Google isn’t so worried about your business, as they are wanting to give customers, ‘their customers,’ the best answers. Direct answers work great for them.

There are advantages to direct answers for businesses, but it’s a hard commercial road to hoe. Structured data is definitely a trend, so make sure that you look at how you can incorporate this into your SEO strategies.

By the end of 2016, there will be much more on the table than there is now. But you can see some of the things that are in the forecast. With mobile searches taking over, it’s a big year for SEO, businesses and search engines. Let’s see how it goes!

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