Best Website Design Ideas For A Trophy Shop

If you are in the business of creating trophies for different events, you may want to consider expanding onto the Internet. You might have a hometown company that has been providing trophies for years, but you could generate many more sales if people can find you online. Many of the largest businesses that create awards for special occasions have websites detailing what they can accomplish. They will show examples of the different ones that they had made, and testimonials from customers that were happy with their product, all in an attempt to attract more clientele. The appearance of your website is so vitally important to attracting and maintaining clients that may use you multiple times. Here are some of the best web design ideas for a trophy shop for you to consider, suggestions that will help improve some sales that you can make.

What You Should Have On Your Main Page

There are several things that you should have on your main page to make it look professional. For instance, you should have a logo that is specifically designed to represent your business which will include the image of a trophy and the name of your business. The logo may also have your address and phone number, designed by a professional. Once you have created this logo, it should be placed at the top left-hand corner, right below your navigation menu. The navigation menu should be easy to use, directing people to not only the trophies that you can make but other products that are related. Many of them have the ability to make plaques, signs, name tags and even T-shirts, all of which will be part of packages that you offer.

How To Structure Your Categories

The next step is to create numerous categories that will have the different products that you have for sale. You will have a category for trophies, another one for plaques, and perhaps another for promotional specialties. These will also include any post that you will make, possibly in an attempt to rank for multiple longtail keywords that can easily rank on the search engines. By structuring everything in a category, you can also increase your odds of achieving top rankings, as this is what the search engine algorithms are looking for. It is recommended that you place an image at the top along with the logo, explicitly stating what services are offered on this page. This will add the image that is necessary for proper search engine optimization, and with the category structure, should improve your chances of generating free traffic from the Internet.

Show Examples Right Away

When a visitor arrives on your website, above the fold, they should see examples of what you have done before. Many people will present this in the form of a carousel, similar to advertisements that you will see on Amazon, where the images will scroll through automatically. People need to see what you have done before, and this will inspire them to spend more time on your website to learn about your services. Additionally, you can also add testimonials to the main page to build confidence in your company, something that is vitally important when someone is arriving on your website for the first time.

By simply implementing these tips on your main site, you should be able to generate significant sales. Your goal is to make your website look as professional as possible, and provide proof of your trophy making abilities, prompting people to perhaps place an order. If you have been in this industry for quite some time, you may even want to create a gallery with a link on the main website so that people can see all of your examples. Always remember that your goal is to capture their attention within the first three seconds that they arrive, and by using these strategies, you will achieve this and ultimately make sales.

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