5 Reasons To Illustrate That SEO is Not A Scam

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SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, has been used as a process for ranking websites to top positions on the search engines ever since websites could be illustrated on search engines.

If done properly, SEO will give the person searching for the information what he or she is searching for.

5 Reasons to Trust SEO

1. SEO is the process of delivering accurate and relevant content to a person who keys in a key word or a key word phrase into the search box of a search engine such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. The search engine will then select the websites that are the most relevant according to the key words asked for.

This method for locating information actually does work very well in bringing back requested information to the searcher, and is a legitimate method of getting your website ranked well.

2. If the proper building techniques are understood and followed, SEO is a very good way to promote your website, in spite of the huge numbers of people looking, and even if your competition is very stiff, you can still rank very well.

3. Content still needs to be primary on your task list. Canada West IM, one of SEO’s top companies in Alberta, states:

“It is very important that your website supply excellent content that is 100 per cent focused upon the keyword or the keyword phrase. If you think about it, this is exactly what the internet searcher really wants, is a more descriptive explanation about the term that is being searched for. After all it makes sense that good information will get returned at a higher spot in the rankings if it is right on target, and that is totally true.”

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If you are able to give the searcher what is asked for, you will go a long way towards the search engine liking your site, as that is one of the major aspects that they give great credibility to, the relevancy of your content to the phrase that is being asked about.

4. Due to the competition of the millions of websites, backlinks take on a very important role. Back links are links back to your website from other sites. blogs, directories and other online sources. If the links are real, and come from different sources, that tells the search engines that you really have something to offer from your website, so when they link to you, it gives your site a boost. You can help this process as the webmaster by posting in directories, in blogs, and by referral. Leave your link in your message, and you will be surprised at the results.

5. SEO involves other platforms nowadays such as social medial like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. These platforms alone have billions of followers and they have become significant in boosting your website in the grand scheme of things.

Facebook alone has over 1 billion users, and many of the posts are picked up by friends, and friends of friends, which can give a tremendous push to your efforts.

SEO is not dead, and it is not a scam. It is based upon systematic planning that serves to enhance the presence of your website in the search engine rankings.

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