Best Website Design Ideas For A Trophy Shop

If you are in the business of creating trophies for different events, you may want to consider expanding onto the Internet. You might have a hometown company that has been providing trophies for years, but you could generate many more sales if people can find you online. Many of the largest businesses that create awards for special occasions have websites detailing what they can accomplish. They will show examples of the different ones that they had made, and testimonials from customers that were happy with their product, all in an attempt to attract more clientele. The appearance of your website is so vitally important to attracting and maintaining clients that may use you multiple times. Here are some of the best web design ideas for a trophy shop for you to consider, suggestions that will help improve some sales that you can make.

What You Should Have On Your Main Page

There are several things that you should have on your main page to make it look professional. For instance, you should have a logo that is specifically designed to represent your business which will include the image of a trophy and the name of your business. The logo may also have your address and phone number, designed by a professional. Once you have created this logo, it should be placed at the top left-hand corner, right below your navigation menu. The navigation menu should be easy to use, directing people to not only the trophies that you can make but other products that are related. Many of them have the ability to make plaques, signs, name tags and even T-shirts, all of which will be part of packages that you offer.

How To Structure Your Categories

The next step is to create numerous categories that will have the different products that you have for sale. You will have a category for trophies, another one for plaques, and perhaps another for promotional specialties. These will also include any post that you will make, possibly in an attempt to rank for multiple longtail keywords that can easily rank on the search engines. By structuring everything in a category, you can also increase your odds of achieving top rankings, as this is what the search engine algorithms are looking for. It is recommended that you place an image at the top along with the logo, explicitly stating what services are offered on this page. This will add the image that is necessary for proper search engine optimization, and with the category structure, should improve your chances of generating free traffic from the Internet.

Show Examples Right Away

When a visitor arrives on your website, above the fold, they should see examples of what you have done before. Many people will present this in the form of a carousel, similar to advertisements that you will see on Amazon, where the images will scroll through automatically. People need to see what you have done before, and this will inspire them to spend more time on your website to learn about your services. Additionally, you can also add testimonials to the main page to build confidence in your company, something that is vitally important when someone is arriving on your website for the first time.

By simply implementing these tips on your main site, you should be able to generate significant sales. Your goal is to make your website look as professional as possible, and provide proof of your trophy making abilities, prompting people to perhaps place an order. If you have been in this industry for quite some time, you may even want to create a gallery with a link on the main website so that people can see all of your examples. Always remember that your goal is to capture their attention within the first three seconds that they arrive, and by using these strategies, you will achieve this and ultimately make sales.

Effective Link Building Tips For SEO

basics of link building

If you have been in the SEO game for a long time, then you should probably know that backlinks are one of the most important rankings factors. There have been a lot of discussions regarding the use backlinks as of late, with plenty of webmasters saying that link building should be avoided entirely as it’s no longer effective. Many fear that links are not as useful as before because of the Penguin update released by Google last year, which wiped out a ton of blog networks that were used exclusively for building links.

what is a backlink

Backlinks Will Continue To Be Effective

While there’s a good reason to be afraid of future Google updates, it’s important to keep in mind that backlinks will continue to be effective. Even Google said that they tested a version of their search engine which didn’t use links as a ranking factor. The results were very poor compared to how their search engine functions right now. This goes to show that backlinks will always be used as one of the main factors in SEO when determining a webpage’s ranking.

Quality Over Quantity

Now that the issue about backlinks being ineffective is out of the way, it’s time to discuss the importance of getting high-quality links. “When it comes to link building, quality beats quantity any day. Blasting your site with thousands of links and seeing it rise to the top of the results pages used to be a popular technique, but Google and other search engines have become a lot smarter now. Doing this same technique today could actually end up hurting your site, as it could trigger an algorithmic penalty that would remove it completely from Google’s search index.” says Darius Christian of SEO Las Vegas.

In case you’re wondering what the best backlinks are, then you should aim for relevant and contextual links. Links from social profiles and blog comments still have their place in your overall link building strategy, but you should focus on contextual links from sources relevant to your niche. Reaching out to other webmasters for guest posting opportunities is still a great way to build links to your site.

Diversifying Your Link Profile

While contextual links should comprise most of your total links, you should still try to diversify your link profile by utilizing different online platforms. As mentioned, you can build links through social media site, social bookmarking, blog comments and forum comments. This makes your backlink profile more natural in the eyes of search engine algorithms.


Optimizing Anchor Text

Here is one aspect to link-building that many webmasters tend to ignore. Aside from the quality of your backlinks, you should also keep an eye out on your anchor text profile. Using the same exact match anchor text repeatedly can trigger a spam detector, which could penalize your site and hurt its ranking. It’s also highly recommended to diversify your anchor text profile the same you try to gather links from different sources.

“As a general rule of thumb, you wouldn’t want to use the same keyword twice as your anchor text. Instead, you can mix them up by using related keywords and LSI terms. Here’s where keyword research comes into play. In addition, you should also use naked URLs and generic terms such as “click here” as most people tend to link to other websites this way.” adds SEO Las Vegas’ Christian.

Start Improving Your Rankings With Effective Link Building

The concept behind link building is very simple. Problems arise when you try to take shortcuts. In the world of SEO, it pays to be patient and wait for results to come before doing anything that may harm your rankings. Just stick to the basics and you should be well on your way to dominating the first page of the results pages.

5 Reasons To Illustrate That SEO is Not A Scam

searching google seo tips

SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, has been used as a process for ranking websites to top positions on the search engines ever since websites could be illustrated on search engines.

If done properly, SEO will give the person searching for the information what he or she is searching for.

5 Reasons to Trust SEO

1. SEO is the process of delivering accurate and relevant content to a person who keys in a key word or a key word phrase into the search box of a search engine such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. The search engine will then select the websites that are the most relevant according to the key words asked for.

This method for locating information actually does work very well in bringing back requested information to the searcher, and is a legitimate method of getting your website ranked well.

2. If the proper building techniques are understood and followed, SEO is a very good way to promote your website, in spite of the huge numbers of people looking, and even if your competition is very stiff, you can still rank very well.

3. Content still needs to be primary on your task list. Canada West IM, one of SEO’s top companies in Alberta, states:

“It is very important that your website supply excellent content that is 100 per cent focused upon the keyword or the keyword phrase. If you think about it, this is exactly what the internet searcher really wants, is a more descriptive explanation about the term that is being searched for. After all it makes sense that good information will get returned at a higher spot in the rankings if it is right on target, and that is totally true.”

(Find out more from Edmonton SEO company CWIM at their Facebook business page.)

If you are able to give the searcher what is asked for, you will go a long way towards the search engine liking your site, as that is one of the major aspects that they give great credibility to, the relevancy of your content to the phrase that is being asked about.

4. Due to the competition of the millions of websites, backlinks take on a very important role. Back links are links back to your website from other sites. blogs, directories and other online sources. If the links are real, and come from different sources, that tells the search engines that you really have something to offer from your website, so when they link to you, it gives your site a boost. You can help this process as the webmaster by posting in directories, in blogs, and by referral. Leave your link in your message, and you will be surprised at the results.

5. SEO involves other platforms nowadays such as social medial like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. These platforms alone have billions of followers and they have become significant in boosting your website in the grand scheme of things.

Facebook alone has over 1 billion users, and many of the posts are picked up by friends, and friends of friends, which can give a tremendous push to your efforts.

SEO is not dead, and it is not a scam. It is based upon systematic planning that serves to enhance the presence of your website in the search engine rankings.

Top SEO Tips For 2016 And Beyond

Anyone that has been advertising on Google or Facebook has steadily noticed how expensive this type of advertising has become. Pay per click traffic has never been inexpensive, but due to the rise in popularity of search engine optimization, and the utilization of experts that can help rank your website and pages for nearly half the cost, it has become much more popular. It puts into perspective the amount of money that you are spending on your advertising, and you will begin to consider your ROI. SEO has made many advancements in recent years, regardless of the changes that the search engine algorithms have also made, always staying one step ahead of their game. There are certain strategies that will always work, and new ones that have come out that can almost guarantee that you can get top rankings. Let’s discuss what the top SEO tips for 2016 and beyond are going to be, and why you should take advantage of these strategies.

Understanding The Basics Of SEO

Search engine optimization has changed dramatically in recent years. It actually has to do with the influx of individuals that have become experts in this industry, learning from those that have literally conquered this field. From their teachings, hundreds of experts have popped up all over the country, all of which offer something in terms of strategies that can help you rank your most profitable keywords in the top listings of the search engines. Essentially, these strategies involve on-site and off-site techniques that will help you build a website that the search engine spiders will love, and you will be able to generate quality backlinks that can help you rank fast. Fortunately, these techniques are easy to implement, even if you do not use an expert, and here are some of the best ones.

Top SEO Tips For 2016

The first thing that you should do if you want to rank very quickly with your website is to embed videos on every single page. Your ability to rank begins with complying with what Google and other search engines are looking for, and videos are the first step to this compliance. If you are able to embed your own videos, or add videos that are related to your content, especially from YouTube, you can see your rankings jump literally overnight. By spending a few extra minutes on each page to properly position them, and to add images that also relate to your content, this is a surefire way to get the search engine bots to notice, and rank your webpage accordingly. The second tip that works very well is getting links back from social media websites. Facebook, Twitter, and many other social media networks can add a lot of value to your webpages by simply having links pointing back from these platforms. Finally, if you want to rank even higher, and in fact rank long before your website ever does, you should definitely create videos that you add to YouTube, particularly if you want to rank in Google, and then embed your own videos on each of your webpages for each of your targeted keywords.

These simple strategies for boosting your rankings on the search engines are not that hard to accomplish. You can actually outsource most or all of this work. What holds most people back is simply not knowing what works, and then not having the time to implement the strategies, yet these simple tips can be done by anyone using just an hour or two a day, or by hiring a SEO professional.

Top Rated Web Design Ideas For 2016

Have you been thinking about a different way to present the things that you are selling on your website to upgrade, matching what is currently popular online today? It’s sometimes difficult to determine what style of website will work best, and it must match up with the products that you sell. You might want to contact a professional design team to help you out with something that is absolutely unique. However, you need to have a general idea of what it is that you want, and what is working right now that will continue to work into 2016.

Best Web Design Features

news-content-web-designIf you think about the most popular websites that exist today, the site layout tends to be news oriented. There will be a location for a feature story, additional stories below that, and advertisements at the very top and down the right side. This is a common feature for people that are building an informational website, or if they are selling products. Due to its familiarity, and by copying the general format of popular news websites, you can use this to your advantage. If you think about all of the times that you have gone to a news website and spent a great deal of time, the same will happen for you, lowering your bounce rate, allowing you to sell more products.

Less Graphics Is Better

Avoid overusing images when text works better
Avoid overusing images when text works better
Another thing to consider is the amount of graphics that you use. This should be limited to a logo for your company, and graphics for the products that you sell. People are looking for videos, brief blurbs of information about each product, allowing them to learn about what your website represents and check out the products that you are selling. Smaller graphics tend to be best, unless of course you are using some type of pop up where it will completely fill the page. These have become very commonplace, and therefore you will want your web design team to incorporate some type of pop up technology so that you can begin to gain more subscribers and sell more products regularly.

These are just a few ideas to consider when you are making a new website. The type of website that you use is very important. By referencing the more popular sites online, the ones that tend to get the most traffic, this will help you when selling your own products. Just make sure that you get a professional team working for you that can also add their input. Once you are done, you will be able to look forward to more sales every day because you incorporated the best web design ideas for 2016 and beyond.

What Does 2016 Have In Store For SEO?

Trying to stay up with the world of SEO is a never-ending yet rewarding battle. SEO is about future dividends via organic traffic, and the new year always brings about new changes. What is the SEO forecast for 2016?


The Move To Mobile Continues

Going mobile’ for SEO is going to be the first topic discussed. Of course an entire book could be written on the subject, and going mobile has been a trend for years. What do you need to know for 2016? For starters, mobile searches are taking over for the first time, with more mobile searches being performed on mobile devices than laptops and desktops, finally!

This means that businesses not only need to have sites that are mobile friendly, which has been suggested for quite some time, but they must be looking to cater to mobile users first. Wow! Yes, take a look at the numbers, and it makes one wonder which companies and websites are going to take the plunge and show what putting mobile visitors first means.

With mobile searching taking over, what else can you see needs to be addressed for 2016? When people search on laptops, most of the searches are going to be text based. Of course when it comes to searching on mobile devices, so many people these days are searching by voice. This can change the way businesses think about keywords and how different phrases are searched. That being said, companies must absolutely pay attention to how this changes the future of SEO.

Best Answers For Consumers

Direct answer searches are becoming more and more popular, especially when it comes to searching on a mobile platform. This can be bad for businesses, and you should hear what Google has to say about it. Google isn’t so worried about your business, as they are wanting to give customers, ‘their customers,’ the best answers. Direct answers work great for them.

There are advantages to direct answers for businesses, but it’s a hard commercial road to hoe. Structured data is definitely a trend, so make sure that you look at how you can incorporate this into your SEO strategies.

By the end of 2016, there will be much more on the table than there is now. But you can see some of the things that are in the forecast. With mobile searches taking over, it’s a big year for SEO, businesses and search engines. Let’s see how it goes!